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This page is about George Pham, a well-known indie Musical Artist and Producer known primarily for his hit single ‘The First Step’ and EP ‘Vision’, and his exclusive features in the press. (Excluding articles on 'About Me' page)


George Pham is a vetted recording artist hailing from New Zealand, fusing modern composition with lo-fi and traditional hip-hop energy.  He has been obsessing with music ever since he was only a kid. It was easy for him to develop a great taste in music since he was surrounded by the musical company most of his youth. George Pham found his true calling in securing his musical platform early and discovered hip-hop music as a tangible medium to vent his emotions and display his unique approach to beat making.


As you may be aware, the music industry is quite ambitious, and it needs a great level of commitment to stay afloat. When George Pham displays that kind of dedication to his art, he means business. His tenacity is unmistakable, and he’s dedicated to establishing his brand’s legitimacy by demonstrating his success working alongside his peers. In addition, he’s collaborated on production with a number of well-known musicians. George Pham aspires to be a trend-following artist who does not compromise his ideals.

“I’ve learned a lot from my past tracks and albums and I am ready to continue full force, these tracks are completely new and creative, Never in my career have I released and put out something so weird, almost creepy”

In early December 2021, George confirmed that Project ‘VISION’ was entering the production process. Speaking on the topic to his close friends and family, telling the public they would be hearing his music very soon.

2021’s final music releases are quickly coming to an end. These are the best times for artists because they promote a send-off or an ending celebratory song or album for 2021, and a fresh beginning for a new year of tunes and creativity coming forward! George Pham’s new EP titled ‘VISION’ stands out as a unique combination of new ideas and creative standpoints, as the artists motive was to produce a new and improved style of his past modern lo-fi hip-hop music.


George is a musician who has influenced many people through his music and the creation of new rhythms. Music gives it new life and a new path. He uses music to express all of his feelings, emotions and challenges in a very creative and unique way. He expresses his emotions to others in the form of words and music. The music was inspired for him by many different artists of the genre, Lo-Fi caught his interest in late 2019 and inspired him, giving him the chance to try it out for himself.

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